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Property types and classification real estate yas acres


The social role of real estate is the satisfaction of all human needs (psychological, physiological, intellectual).

There are three main types of estate in land, housing and non-residential premises.

The basis of the property is the land. Land is a fundamental factor in any business activity that is directly or indirectly involved in the production of goods or provision of services.

The land is divided into:

  1. land plots intended for building or for other purposes use;
  2. natural complex for their exploitation (deposits, etc.)

Housing is the building with all the amenities, designed for human habitation. Housing is: elite, model, urban, suburban etc. the real Estate is heterogeneous in its composition, ability to satisfy various human needs and functions.

The estate is subdivided on a functional basis in residential and non-residential. In non-isolated industrial, commercial, recreational real estate, land plots intended for building yas acresinstitutional, motels, hotels and real estate, which is designed for mixed use. Under the real estate industry understand industrial structures, operating factories, and warehouses.

Recreational property intended for vacation are the structures in the territories of resorts, stadiums, clubs, swimming pools and other facilities designed for entertainment. Institutional real estate is building for governmental or municipal bodies, hospitals, health yas acres centers and other functions for special purposes. The property is mixed use is a combination of the following types of real property.

Types of properties according to the degree of readiness for operation:

  • structures are commissioned;
  • buildings that require major repairs or reconstruction;
  • construction in progress.

The degree of reproducibility in natural form is isolated property:

  • unplayable is a mineral deposits;
  • reproducible is the structure of the building.

According to the degree of specialization are:

  1. specialized in: chemical and refinery plants; museums and other buildings belonging to the culture.
  2. non-specialized: other real estate, which are in demand on the open market for investment.

The nature of the use of real estate required for housing, commercial activities, agricultural needs, the special purposes (school, Church).

In order to own it is designed for business owner, in investments for the exploration and development of, as of inventory for consumption resources, which are currently depleted.

The object of any transactions (purchase, sales, collateral, etc.) is the property – the goods that meet different شقق للبيع في ابوظبي needs, certain qualitative and quantitative characteristics. To real property include land, isolated objects, i.e., which is closely associated with the earth.

The property has several properties:

  • Utility. Real estate needs to meet the needs of the owner in the production area or in the living, the ecological or the comfort of spaces in a given place or within a certain period of time.
  • The fundamental nature. Under normal conditions the property is impossible to lose, break or steal.
  • Durability. Depending on the construction material of the main structures (walls, foundations, ceilings) properties are divided into six groups with the regulatory service lives from 15 to 150 years. As businesses are property complexes, they are typically always created for an indefinite period.
  • Stationarity. Real estate is closely linked to land, moving them impossible without causing the object in question of certain damages. If land is regarded as a commodity, we can say that the amount offered in the land market is limited by nature.Originality ??? ????? ?? ??????
  • Originality. Each property is unique and has individual (defined) properties which are inherent only to that object and distinguish it from other properties.
  • Handling. Any (every) object of real estate which brings profit management required. Real estate management is carrying out repair, preventive maintenance, provision of utilities, control over receiving payments, etc.
  • Detailed regulation of real estate transactions by state bodies, bodies of local self-government. This is because the property is part of infrastructure and its use involves the interests of many individuals and entities.
  • A steady upward trend in value. The cost of real estate as a commodity over time is steadily increasing due to the shortage of the property and other factors.
  • Liquidity. The real estate market and the low liquidity of the product contributes to the high level of costs from the seller and the buyer formed under the conditions of the transaction.

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