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10 Common Mistakes

Sell and buy apartment at the same time and do all the paperwork mamsha al saadiyat


Often, buying an apartment is not “from scratch” and after the resale of other properties. For example, parents sell their great flat to buy for yourself and your children a separate housing, or the family sold the apartment to an additional charge to buy a more spacious option. In any case, the procedure does not change: the buyer is looking for a suitable apartment, checks the documents of the owner and discuss with him the order of the transaction, but at the same time gives the advertise the sale of their own homes. To process the sale went smoothly and according to the law, usually turn to realtors. They know about all offers available on the market can quickly choose the right to buy housing, and through the customer base at the same time find a buyer for a client's apartment.

Can I buy Council flat

Municipal property — property of the state. The sale of such apartments can take place only after the privatization, but mamsha al saadiyat in this case, housing is losing the status of municipality and becomes private property. Therefore:

if you live in a Council flat under the contract sotsnayma and have not used their right to privatize — use it and get home ownership without payment;

if you have already used their right to free privatization can redeem the property at the average market price from the state;

if you offer to buy Council flat residents who are not its owners, do not agree — is a fraud. 

How to quickly and profitably buy an apartment in the building

Housing in new buildings has a convenient and modern layout, high quality construction materials and communications, manicured entrances, elevators and outdoor area with Parking. In addition to this construction companies offer different schemes for home purchase:

you can buy a home at a discount under excavation, thus becoming real estate investors;

to buy an apartment with repair or rough finish already handed the house;

to pay the full amount immediately, to arrange a mortgage or buy in installments.

The purchase of finished housing in a new residential complex is made in the same manner as any other property. Owner is a construction company that can implement their own apartments through sales or cooperate with intermediaries who provide real estate brokerage and legal services.

When you purchase an apartment in an unfinished house on the contract equity (DDU) you are investing in construction, so the deal has nuances and risks, about which we will tell you.

How to buy an apartment in the building on the po

Use the opportunity to save money. To attract investment for construction, developers are beginning to sell housing in the initial stages of construction — from design, excavation, Foundation, to the moment of delivery of object in operation. In the early stages of the construction cost of 1 m2 of housing is 20-40% less than planned in the delivery, so to buy an apartment in a newly built house can be much cheaper.

Remember about the risks. The ability to save directly associated with the risk of losing investments because:

  1. construction company may go bankrupt, or abandon the project;
  2. due to the underfunding of the construction may be delayed or stop;
  3. finished house might not pass gospoverki due to mistakes in site selection, design, construction, so the building will not be connected to the water supply system and gas supply;
  4. there is a risk to housing that does not meet your requirements, for example, is too noisy due to thin walls, or the total area will be less than planned: the difference in price you compensate, but that hallway or another room may be too small.

Check documents Builder. When choosing new construction, check the construction documents of the company:

  • constituent documents;
  • INN and OGRN;
  • financial and economic reporting;
  • balance sheets, distribution of profits and expenses over the past three years;
  • conclusion of the audit over the last year.

Additionally examine the construction permit documents for the land plot where the construction project Declaration, permission for water connection, heating system and electricity networks. Documents can be freely available on the developer's website or on request of a potential buyer. Find out how many objects the company has already put into operation, the customer reviews, it can be done on specialized forums on the net.

To buy housing in better directly from the contractor in the building, but if the developer sells the apartment through intermediaries, check their documents, the reputation and the rights of a representative.

Additionally, compare the cost of housing in a new residential complex that other companies offer. All developers use a similar technology and buy materials at market prices, so the final cost of housing can differ only because of the location or size of the living space. If you're considering offer the same much cheaper, most likely the company will not fulfill its obligations.

Sign the equity contract and make the payment. If all documents are in order, the construction company has not already passed one house that is marked by positive feedback, can sign the PO. The agreement contains information:

  • details of the developer;
  • data holders;
  • characteristics of the apartment;
  • method and procedure of payment;
  • the term of delivery of object in operation.

After signing the contract, make payment of the property in the order established FZ ?214. According to the requirements of the law, payment is possible only after registrationشقق للبيع في ابوظبي POS within the building. The money is transferred to your account, some companies provide installments and divide the whole amount into equal payments to be made in stages before delivery of object in operation.

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