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Urgent redemption of apartments is a benefit for investors

Investing free funds in real estate is always a profitable operation. The amount of profit received depends on various factors, such as the general situation in the real estate market, the development of infrastructure in a particular area and many others. Obviously, it is almost impossible to influence them.Urgent redemption of apartments is a benefit for investors
Therefore, those investors who want to guarantee a substantial profit in a short time on real estate transactions should pay attention to the urgent purchase of apartments.

As a rule, selling housing urgently, the seller deliberately understates the cost of the proposal, thereby seeking to attract as many potential buyers as possible and quickly implement it. According to the experience of specialists of LLC "CITY-Real Estate", in case of urgent sale, the seller agrees to concede from 10 to 30% of the market value of his home (room, apartment or house).

After the real estate enters the market again (even if it happens the next day) it is put up and sold at the usual value. That is, from the conclusion of one transaction can get 10-30% of the profit from the cost of housing. This is what makes the urgent purchase of apartments so attractive to investors.

Who needs an urgent redemption of apartments?

Urgent sale of housing is resorted to in the following cases:

  • A change in family/social status.
For example, in the case of divorce and division of property, many people want to live through unpleasant moments as dubai penthouses soon as possible and turn to an urgent ransom. This is also true for those who suddenly receive an offer to leave for another country (training or work).
  • Inability (unwillingness) to continue paying the mortgage loan.
CITY Real Estate employees also often deal with such "problematic" real estate

  • The owner needs a quick cash withdrawal due to the current life situation.
Investors, who carry out urgent redemption of the apartment, offer for it such value that it is covered:

  • Buyer's risk.
The risk of misjudging the value of a square meter of housing or its sharp decline due to the unstable economic situation is implied. It also emaar beachfront includes the risk of damage to the apartment in case of emergency, third party claims and la rosa villanova much more.