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Moving to Australia & Living in Australia


Moving to Australia is a decision that some people come to lightly, whilst others deliberate for some time before deciding to move to the other side of the world. Living in Australia is similar to what we imagine living in heaven would be like. The people are friendly, the beaches are clean and warm, the shopping is fantastic and the range of fresh Australian and International cuisine is huge. Moving to Australia has never looked so attractive.

If you are thinking about living in Australia, whether it be a passing thought you had one day or you are packed and ready to go, there are a few useful facts regarding Australia that every visitor and moving to Australia should know.

Australia is the World’s largest island with an area of 7,692,024 square kilometers. It is about the same size as the mainland of the USA or about 20 times the size of Japan.

With a population of just over 20 million and a low population density, the majority of the population live by the coast in the east and south-west of the continent.

Australia is a multicultural society that welcomes people arriving from overseas whether they be on holiday or as newly arrived 'Australian's.' 

Living In Australia - Property and Housing

69% of Australians currently own, or are in the process of purchasing their own home. 76% of dwellings are houses and 13% are units (or flats/apartments).

The rental market is still highly visible with 29% of dwellings being rented. The high levels of property investment in capital cities and regional centres have been influenced by the downturn in equity markets in recent years.

Where to Live in Australia?

Once you have decided that moving to Australia is for you, there are many enviable locations to choose from. At first glance it might be difficult to narrow down where you might like to live. You might be influenced by family or friends already residing in Australia, or you might have the ability to choose wherever you want to live.

Sydney and Melbourne are always popular cities due to their cosmopolitan nature and the fact that they are well known. However, with property prices skyrocketing in both areas over the last 10 years, it is becoming a far less attractive place to begin a new life.

Brisbane, and the whole South East area of Queensland (Including the famous Gold Coast) is a great option for those of you wanting to start afresh. In many cases, if you are selling up in your home country and transferring your life to Queensland, you will be able to pay cash for a substantial part of your new property due to the reasonable property prices.

If you decide to move to Australia and live in Queensland, you have access to all the great aspects of life in Sydney or Melbourne, but with a far better climate and an up and coming image that will suit newly arrived inhabitants.

So start looking at the possibility of life in Australia. We know you will love it, and we look forward to welcoming you.

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